Collaborative Process
Decision is made by the parties.

Two Collaborative attorneys, two relationship specialists; one financial expert.


Healing of relationships, best process for the benefit of children involved, and best process for parties to be able to move forward and put the past behind them. The parties have a safe forum to say what they need to say and address what is important to them. The team works together in a non-adversarial manner guiding the parties to listen, understand, and communicate constructively.  


The willingness of parties to respect each other and work together toward an agreement and fully disclose information and documents is required 


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Litigation Process

Mediation Process


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Michelle Daneshrad

A Collaborative Professional
Benefits of
Collaborative Divorce
+ Encourges mutual respect

+ Identifies and addresses interests
   and concerns of all

+ Utilizes a problem-solving approach

+ Emphasizes the needs of children

+ Avoids going to court

+ Keeps control of the process with
   the individuals

+ Provides for open communication

+ Prepare individuals for new lives