Litigation Process
Decision is made by a Judge.

Professionals generally involved in a case are two attorneys (one for each party); two forensic accountants (one for each party); Court reporter; two appraisers (for valuation of real property); two business valuators; Three custody evaluators (one designated by the court and one for each party evaluating the evaluations); QDRO professionals for division of IRAs.


When one party is determined to destroy the other, the court can protect the innocent party and order sanctions. No agreement required.


The most expensive process, financially and emotionally; most damaging to children involved.  Parties often settle after they experience being bankrupt by the process.


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Collaborative Process

Mediation Process


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Michelle Daneshrad

A Collaborative Professional
Benefits of
Collaborative Divorce
+ Encourges mutual respect

+ Identifies and addresses interests
   and concerns of all

+ Utilizes a problem-solving approach

+ Emphasizes the needs of children

+ Avoids going to court

+ Keeps control of the process with
   the individuals

+ Provides for open communication

+ Prepare individuals for new lives