San Fernando Valley Collaborative Professionals
Formed in October 2011, San Fernando Valley Collaborative Professionals is comprised of experienced, licensed and trained attorneys, mental health professionals and financial neutrals. Our area of expertise is collaborative law, which is mainly applied in divorce cases and family law. Our attorneys work with mental health professionals and financial experts to offer various levels of expertise to clients. Our goal is to get both parties together and quickly come to a solution without going to court. Read More Here

Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association

The Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association is an open, interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the collaborative law process for resolving family conflict, through training for professionals and education for families.

LACFLA is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation offering continuous education and support for success with non-adversarial resolutions using the collaborative law process. LACFLA guides and supports collaborative practice in Los Angeles County and coordinates with regional, state and international collaborative practice organizations. Read More Here
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Discover the benefits of collaborative solutions for marriage dissolution, child custody and co-parenting issues, division of assets, and more.

Learn how Collaborative Divorce/Collaborative Practice offers guidance, information, and respectful problem solving.

Understand how to better manage the effects of divorce on your children.

Locate collaborative legal, financial, and emotional support resources for family and civil disputes. Read More Here

Collaborative Practice California
We are a statewide organization of collaborative practice groups.
We will help you to:

Find collaborative practice professionals in your local area.
Learn about collaborative practice.
Discover other dispute resolution alternatives that will keep you out of court.Read More Here

Michelle Daneshrad

A Collaborative Professional
Benefits of
Collaborative Divorce
+ Encourges mutual respect

+ Identifies and addresses interests
   and concerns of all

+ Utilizes a problem-solving approach

+ Emphasizes the needs of children

+ Avoids going to court

+ Keeps control of the process with
   the individuals

+ Provides for open communication

+ Prepare individuals for new lives